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Checking your vehicles oil level

Justine from AMK's Checks and help for easy motoring 


Justine has put together some great advice to keep your car fit and healthy to help you save money

and time. Take a look at her helpful tips and checks to help you enjoy hassle free motoring. 

Checking your car's oil level is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your car's engine.


  • First, make sure you park your car on level ground.The dipstick is a long rod that goes deep into your engine to check the oil level and should have an orange handle. 

  • Also be sure to park someplace well lit.                                           You don't want to spend 10 minutes                                   stabbing your engine over and over with                                         the dipstick because you can't find the hole.

  • With the bonnet safely propped, pull the                                 dipstick out and wipe the end clean with a towel or rag.           Re-insert the dipstick into the engine, making sure it goes all the way in.

  • Now pull it out, but don't turn it upside down                               to look at it, this makes the oil run upward                                   and ruins your reading. The dipstick will have                             two marks at the bottom. They are usually                               either lines or holes in the stick.

  • The oil level can be read by looking to see where the oily part ends and the dry part begins. If it's between the two marks, you're good to go. If it's below the bottom mark, you need to add some oil.

  • Never add more than a litre at once without driving and taking a new reading of the oil level. Overfilling the engine can be messy. 


That's it! Five minutes of your time and you're a hero to your happy car. Check your oil as often as you like. Once a month or so is good for a car in decent shape.

There are a few simple checks that can be done once a week to keep a car and its engine in good condition.


These checks will only take about ten minutes and the handbook that comes with the car, or the right Haynes Service and Repair Manual for the car, will explain how to carry out these checks.


Weekly checklist:


  • Check the engine oil level.

  • Check the engine coolant level.

  • Check the brake fluid level.

  • Check the windscreen washer                                                   fluid level, and check that the                                             washers and windscreen wipers work.

  • Check that the wiper blades are in good condition.

  • Check the tyre pressures and check that the tyres aren’t damaged or worn.

  • Check the power steering fluid level, if the car has power steering.


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